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An essential item in the Japanese diet, families in Japan used to prepare miso and develop their own recipes at home. Today, homemade miso is less common due to the availability of miso products in grocery stores, but is still used often as a seasoning, a condiment, a flavor enhancer, and a pickling agent. Our yellow miso is called Shinshu Miso which is the ancient name of Nagano Prefecture, part of the Japan Alps. Recently known for holding the 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano is also home to many mountain hot springs (including one with bathing monkeys!) and wonderful temples. MyFurusato yellow miso is made with a koji/soy ratio of 60% and 100% which gives it a crisp and refreshing flavor with a very rich umami that is savory and light with a fresh aroma. The fermentation process is about 3 months.


Rice, water, soybeans, salt, alcohol (to preserve freshness)


The history of Miso in Japan dates back over 1300 years when it was first introduced from China. Originally used by the noble class as a prize or medicine, miso soon became part of the samurai diet due to its excellent nutritional and preservative qualities and taste. Buddhist monks began grinding the soybeans which increased its versatility and led to new cooking methods across Japan.




• Vegan
•  Non-GMO
•  No artificial flavors
•  Gluten Free
•  No MSG


• 300g plastic tub (105 x 105 x 62mm),
• Eight 300g tubs per carton


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